Missions takes on many forms at Lakewood. Our most frequent mission activities are prayer circles and mission study groups who meet either in someone's home in the evening or at the church in the morning. The Jane Ellen Gaines Baptist Women's group meets every fourth Thursday evening at a member's home. The morning group is named after Virginia Kennedy and they meet the first Wednesday of each month. All of these ladies are often involved in mission projects as well as studying about and praying for missions around the world.

The youth are also involved monthly in mission activities with the homeless. In conjunction with Valley Rescue Mission of Columbus, our youth go the last Saturday of every month to help feed the homeless of our area. 

Builders for Christ is a group of volunteers from several surrounding churches who travel for a week long trip of construction. These trips are usually planned for June.

Annually Lakewood takes an international trip to do mission work by running VBS, medical clinics, construction or whatever need may be present. Some of the countries that have be visited are Belize, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Belize Missions                                                                                              Builders
                                                                                                                      for Christ